Building a Sustainable Future for Parkland College

Parkland College is committed to student learning, development and success. The college provides professional development opportunities for all members of the college community in an effort to serve our students and our community's needs. Further, Parkland is committed to practices and processes that are sustainable; everything from our development of resources, to our use of human and physical resources, to classroom practice must be sustainable in order to give our future students and future constituents a quality educational experience.

A self-study engages the entire campus in evaluative reflection and renewal. This process gives us a chance to work collectively towards institutional improvement by looking closely at our strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and opportunities. As a college, we have programs of study, master plans, operational budgets, faculty initiatives, staff development programs, and student organizations. Parkland's committed professionals all work together to produce educated citizens who can successfully find employment or transfer to other colleges and universities. The self-study, writ large, provides evidence of our successes and highlights areas for improvement.

Parkland's mission is "to engage the community in learning." A self-study is an opportunity to deeply engage in learning more about what we do as a college and how we do it. Parkland has undergone many changes since 2002: new presidents, new leadership, new processes and programs, a wealth of new technology, a growing emphasis on sustainability, enrollment growth and a tremendous number of new faculty and staff. All of these changes bring new insights and initiatives as well as presenting us with challenges and opportunities. The self-study documents these changes and presents the college with the opportunity to evaluate its past and present with the commitment to build a sustainable future for everyone it serves.